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Stuffed Foods: Beef, Blue Cheese and Bacon Meatball

Stuffed Foods: Beef Blue Cheese Meatball


Item Number: SFHDMBB
Servings Per Unit: 144
Weight/Size: 1 oz


Beef Meatball stuffed with Bleu cheese and Bacon, with carmelized onion and pork.

Handling Instructions:

Ideal Cooking & Handling: Defrost meatballs under refrigeration. Pre-heat oven to 357°F, use convection and steam if available. Place meatballs on metal sheet pan and bake for 11-12 minutes or until 165°F (If cooking from frozen, cook 14-15 minutes). To keep meatballs moist, add a chicken stock to sheet pan or toss with sauce before and/or after cooking.

Product Attributes:


Ingredients/Nutritional Info.:

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