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Gelato and Ice Cream:

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Three Twins Organic Ice Cream

Villa Dolce: Italian-Style Gelato and Sorbet

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Villa Dolce Gelato and Sorbet:

The story of Villa Dolce Gelato began with the idea of three brothers bringing Italy's finest desert gelato to the United States. The Marcaccinis, who were raised in Rome but are Los Angeles natives, wanted to share something that had brought them so much joy growing up in Italy here to the U.S. Villa Dolce opened for business in early 2001 by servicing local restaurants and hotels in the Los Angeles area. Many of L.A. top Chefs were excited about getting a unique product that was made fresh with natural ingredients.

Available in standard 5L recyclable pans. Snap on re-sealable lid, and pre-decorated ready to open and serve. All Gluten free unless noted.

Gelato - 5 Liter Pans (165 oz. per pan)

  • Maple Butter Pecan: Item Number: VD5GMBP
  • Banana Dulce De Leche: Item Number: VD5GBN
  • Coconut: Item Number: VD5GCO
  • Coffee Chocolate Chip (not gluten free): Item Number: VD5GCCC
  • Cookies and Cream (not gluten free): Item Number: VD5GCCR
  • Dark Chocolate: Item Number: VD5GDK
  • Green Tea: Item Number: VD5GGT
  • Hazelnut Chocolate Crunch (not gluten free): Item Number: VD5GHZC
  • Mint Chocolate Chip (Green Menta): Item Number: VD5GMT
  • Nutella:Item Number: VD5GNU
  • Pistachio: Item Number: VD5GPI
  • Sea Salt Caramel: Item Number: VD5GCA
  • Spumoni: Item Number: VD5GSP
  • Strawberry Cheesecake: Item Number: VD5GSC
  • Strawberry Swirl: Item Number: VD5GSS
  • Tiramisu (not gluten free): Item Number: VD5GTI
  • Vanilla Bean: Item Number: VD5GVB


Sorbet - 5 Liter Pans (165 oz. per pan)

  • Blackberry Cabernet: Item Number: VD5SBC
  • Blood Orange: Item Number: VD5SBO
  • Lemon: Item Number: VD5SLM
  • Limoncello: Item Number: VD5SLI
  • Mango: Item Number: VD5SMG
  • Passion Fruit: Item Number: VD5SPF
  • Raspberry: Item Number: VD5SRS
  • Strawberry: Item Number: VD5SST


3.6 oz. Grab and Go - Gelato and Sorbet Cups with spoon under the lid

  • Sea Salt Caramel: Item Number: VD3GCA (10 cups)
  • Dark Chocolate: Item Number: VD3GDC (10 cups)
  • Vanilla Bean: Item Number: VD3GVN (10 cups)
  • Mango Sorbet: Item Number: VD3SMG (10 cups)
  • Raspberry Sorbet: Item Number: VD3SRS (10 cups)


Three Twins Organic Ice Cream:
Availalbe in 5L pans, 5 oz. Grab and Go's - and Ice Cream Sandwiches

  • Three Twins-Flavors
  • Organic ice cream, made locally in Petaluma, CA. This company believes in a low carbon footprint, their milk and cream is sourced locally, within 17 miles of their factory. All flavors are available in a 5 Liter pan perfect for scoop shops, and restaurants. Some are available in 5 oz. Grab and Go containers packed one dozen per flavor.


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