Good Distribution Practices

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When you purchase your product from Gourmet Express you can be assured that the product has been handled with the utmost care. Gourmet Express is audited thoroughly by an independent third party auditor every year for Good Distribution Practices and Food Safety.  These audits monitor our Recall Programs, Food Safety/Defense Programs, and Receiving, Storage, and Shipping programs.  We also have a Supplier Management Program, in which we make sure that the product we purchase from our Suppliers meets our Food Safety/Defense Program guidelines, and that the Supplier themselves have undergone a Good Manufacturing  Food Safety Inspection on a yearly basis.

Gourmet Express has continually received a score of Superior on our Good Distribution Practices Certification for the past several years. Click to download the current certificate.

GDP 2017 Certification

Quality Assurance practices do not stop at our warehouse doors. Our delivery staff is also subject to Meet the Truck Audits.  Meet the Truck Audits monitor Product Integrity upon arrival, Trailer Integrity, and Driver Performance.

For the second year in a row, Gourmet Express has been awarded a Certificate of Delivery Excellence by the Avendra Corporation.

GDP Certificate of Delivery Excellence




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