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Bridor France:

The BRIDOR France, imported from France, Pastry collection includes an assortment of pastries and mini tarts, croissants, and breads. . Frozen fine bakery products are made according to traditional French bakery rules: home-made tartlets with a 100% butter base, tender choux pastry made with butter, high-quality custard cream made hot with fresh eggs and full-cream milk, home-made biscuits, fruit compotes, etc. Everything you need to make an outstanding presentation every time.

Banquet and Catering (*Lenôtre) :

Mini Tarts
Mini Tarts

Part Baked Breads (Freezer to oven):



The best French Bakery for hotel and restaurant industry professionals. Exclusive recipes created by master Bakers and Pastry Chefs of  Lenôtre Paris and manufactured by Bridor de France. Lenôtre Quality Control, providing a guarantee of conformity and a stamp of excellence.


Best sellers:
Mini Gomandiz
Almond Croissant

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