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Awesome Bars:

Awesome Bars are VEGAN and WHEAT-FREE handcrafted granola bars created in San Francisco. This is a wonderful snack that is healthy, high in protein and tastes delicious.
All bars are made by hand. All natural ingredients - no preservatives, no protein powders, no GMO products. These bars are high in protein and high in fiber - they make for the perfect breakfast, post workout snack, or for whenever you need a bost of awesome.


Vegan Bars

Bluberry Almond
Blueberry Almond Vegan Bar
Cherry Almond
Cherry Almond Vegan Bar
Coconut Pecan
Coconut Pecan Vegan Bar
Coconut Pecan
Cranberry Trail Mix Vegan Bar
Salty Peanut
Salty Peanut Vegan Bar


Best sellers:
Coconut Pecan
Salty Peanut

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