This year - Something New!!

Traveling Tasting Show 4 hours Only!

1st Stop - Treasure Island
May 18th - Thursday
10am - 2pm
See below for directions.

We are heading your way!
Come see and taste the newest Manufactures offered at Gourmet Express. Along with just added products from existing Manufactures. This is our first petite food expo of the year. This show is a smaller scale than our annual showcase. We hope to be able to offer you a more individual experience. There is no pre-registration needed, additional info:

Email us!

We hope to see you there.

Show hours: 10 am -2 pm

Photo courtsey of HOME on Treasure Island.

Treasure Island

Home on Treasure Island



Avenue D and 12th St., San Francisco, CA 94130
Please follow these exact directions to arrive at HOME on Treasure Island
GPS and phone maps are not always reliable here, as data signals are very weak and you may lose cell coverage.

Once you get off the exit to Treasure Island, continue on the Avenue of the Palms. Bear left at the California Avenue intersection to stay on the water. Avenue of the Palms ends in a right turn into 9th Street. Once on 9th Street, go two blocks. Turn left at the stop sign of Avenue D. Proceed to the very end of Avenue D and look for the HOME on Treasure Island sign. This is the entrance to the campus parking lot.



Note: This show is not open to the general public. You must be a current customer of Gourmet Express. If you are a Chef, Caterer, Cafe owner or Manager, or in the Food Service industry and are interested in attending th Show please bring your business card with you.


Treasure Island

Join us on Thursday,
May 18th
10am - 2pm

New for 2017...

  • Stuffed Foods
  • Sweet Sydney's
  • Awesome Bars
  • Davigel


Plenty of Parking
Individual Attention
New Vendors