Next Show - 2018

We are currently planning our next Show Case! In Sacramento!

Sept 12th - Wednesday

10 am - 3 pm

Location - Sacramento Area!
Scottish Rite Temple
6151 H Street
Directions Here

This is very centrally located for the Sacramento Region, and has plenty of




Pre- Registration is now closed - Register at the Door!


Note: This show is not open to the general public. You must be a current customer of Gourmet Express. If you are a Chef, Caterer, Cafe owner or Manager, or in the Food Service industry and are interested in attending the Show please bring your business card with you.


Food Show

Date: September 12th
Time 10 am -3pm

New for 2018...

  • Linda's Latkes
  • Blount - Plant Forward Choices
  • Clara's Organic Burrito
  • White Toque
  • Kabobs
  • Farmer Market Loaves


Plenty of Parking
Individual Attention
New Vendors